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Finding the perfect end can for my Elefant – life after Micron

Posted by on March 4, 2017

Ever since May 2014 when I posted about fitting a Micron carbon race can to the Elefant I have been trying out other options. The Micron looked good and gave a lovely fruity sound, but for me, and round here (lots of horses), it was just a bit too fierce.


Micron race – carbon


Thinking that more metal and less carbon might be all that was needed to take some of the bite out of the note, I tried a stainless Quill race can. It looked great but there was no significant difference in the sound.





Quill race – stainless


Now I have acquired a stainless Quill road can from a VFR800. This time the unit is round (both the race cans were oval) and a little longer, so the increase in volume (not as in ‘noise’ – the other kind of volume) is significant. Nonetheless, though heavier than the featherlight (1.9kg) race cans, weight is still greatly reduced in comparison to the massive (7.6kg) original with its built in catatlytic converter.

The lovely chaps at sorted me out with a(nother) adapter and we were off.











Sounds to follow.


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