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Elefant gets Micron can.

Posted by on May 31, 2014

The standard silencer/dead-cat thingy on the Elefant is a bit of monstrosity weighs a tonne (7.6kg to be precise) and comprehensively spoils the music.









This beautiful Micron can came off a Kawasaki ZX6R. It is sleek and lovely, weighs 1.9kg and promises to restore the music. (Many thanks Kevin. You are a star. Good luck with saving up for the full Akrapovič!)

But will it fit?

Oh yes!

I just cannot believe how easy this was. Normally nothing is ever this straightforward in my workshop.





The thin end of the ZXR link pipe was so very nearly a perfect fit for the Elefant’s pipe that all I had to do was cut the end off (at the red line) to make an adapter and then slide the can on. A bit of shimming made the seal good between the adapter and the bike’s headers. Even the strap lined up with one of the two mounting points on the frame. Tailpipe is a bit snug to the indicator but nothing that a bit of fettling won’t sort out.








The finished result.

Sounds great.

Standard can

Micron can

And feels happier on the road too.


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