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No such thing as the perfect bike.

Posted by on May 31, 2014

I met the owner of this beauty today. It really is as lovely in the flesh as it looks in the photo. Spotless. And so tasty you wanted to lick it. You don’t see much of this sort of exotica in West Cornwall. Well, I don’t.

As the owner climbed off I rather let my emotions get the better of me. “What an absolutely beautiful bike etc. etc.” (You know the sort of thing.) He looked at me as if I was a bit mad and, after a long pause, dropped his bombshell. “Tyres don’t last long – and they cost a fortune.”  Taken aback at this shocking revelation I tried to be diplomatic. “Still, that’s not so surprising I suppose.” But worse news was to come. “And the fuel consumption is terrible – worse than my car.”

Who knew? 160bhp Ducati eats tyres and drinks fuel! The things you learn.

Ducati 1098S


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