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Sluggish Ducati starter syndrome

Posted by on May 10, 2013

This is an old Ducati favorite. Bike doesn’t want to turn over and is a poor starter. Many’s the good battery blamed unjustly for the problem. And it’s not the starter motor either. It’s the cables. Apparently they build up resistance over time. But to be honest, fitting such spindly cables in the first place looks like a triumph of hope over experience. Easy fix. New cables all round: battery-solenoid; solenoid-starter motor; and a new earth strap to double-up with the original. Easy to make yourself. Buy all the bits from Vehicle Wiring Products.

New cables to and from the starter solenoid behind the right-hand front fairing panel.

Red marks the original supply cable which feeds the loom and the starter solenoid through a connector just visible to the right of the frame. Next to it is my auxiliary cable which runs straight from the battery right to the front of the bike. Two earth leads as well. Belt and braces.

New lead (sheathed) to the starter motor. Note the home made cover for the oil lines. I've done them all and fitted spiral binding to the brake hoses. Otherwise they act like saws.




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