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Cagiva Elefant 1993 900AC

Posted by on February 21, 2013

Just arrived!


Great-looking bikes, in my humble opinion.This one has got a carbed version of the two-valve Ducati motor much-loved in 900SS/Monster 900 form.

Needs a bit of love but otherwise sound I think. Obvious stuff: one fork seal is well-blown; previous owner had been running it with a slash-cut exhaust (!); clutch deafeningly noisy (even for a Duke – the rubber gasket is missing from the clutch cover so the basket can just graze the inside); and the upper forks tubes are suffering from severe ally-blight, having lost most of their anodising.

badly corroded fork tubes

Witness marks inside clutch cover

What a missing clutch cover gasket looks like.


Deeper investigations also revealed some knackered exhaust studs, a seized footrest mounting bolt (common on these if you neglect the copaslip), and the upper silencer mounting bolt seized in its captive nut.

Big plus points: belts and shims done just a few hundred miles ago, new tyres and a Givi topbox plate.

Got to do something about that fork corrosion though!



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